The NMC offers Accident & Emergency memberships to organisations, families, and individuals.

What is included?

  1. Exclusive access to NMC App 24/7
  2. Direct access to Emergency Call Centre 24/7
  3. Priority access to free ambulance* service within Addis Ababa** to NMC 24/7

1) NMC App
In a country where street names are limited it can be complicated to explain the location of an emergency – enter the NMC App. At the press of a button, the member’s position is sent to our Emergency Call Centre. Our medical professionals will then be able to provide the user with medical advice over the phone, pinpoint their exact location and, if needed, dispatch an ambulance to their location.

2) Emergency Call Centre
The Emergency Call Centre (ECC) is located in the NMC and is operational 24/7. The operators are medical professionals trained according to the international medical index and will provide medical advice to members. If required, ECC operators can locate the member through the app and dispatch the nearest ambulance.

3) Ambulance Service
The NMC ambulances are equipped to international standards and always staffed by trained critical care nurses and drivers. To shorten the response time in case of an emergency the ambulances receive member requests with exact location on GPS enabled tablets.

If you are interested in getting a membership please email

*Non-members pay a fixed fee at the time of service delivery. Dispatching of ambulance is determined by NMC operator.
**Additional charges apply for services outside of Addis Ababa.