Medical Evacuations

We are able to provide an air ambulance medevac service for the critically ill and injured. Our partners have teams of seasoned pilots, along with dedicated custom-fitted aircrafts available for evacuations. In less critical situations, we also provide medical escort services on commercial flights.

Using a network of airstrips, we are able to medevac patients from locations throughout Ethiopia to the closest medical facility, where treatment can be offered. We facilitate both domestic and international medical evacuations from Djibouti, South Sudan, Somalia, and Somaliland. In the event that the required medical services are unavailable in Addis Ababa, our evacuation team will transfer the patient abroad for treatment.

During a medevac, we provide the following:

  • The necessary life-saving equipment to respond to medical emergencies, including life-threatening intensive care cases
  • Escorted by a highly trained medical team
  • In-flight intensive care
  • All travel planning and ground arrangements (incl. fit to fly certificate, medical clearance, and immigration facilitation)
  • Medical reporting to the receiving facility
  • Ground ambulance transport that can quickly relocate emergency patients